Installing a Generator to Keep Your Lights on When the Power Goes Down

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Everyone likes to keep their power on, but sometimes, during a bad storm or a blackout, there is nothing you can do when the power goes out – unless, of course, you have a generator.

What is a Generator?

A generator is a device that can be installed outside of your home, connected to your electrical system. In the event of a big storm that knocks out your power, or your city’s power goes down for any other reason, your generator will kick in and provide power to your house.

Generators work on either natural gas or propane. They work by creating mechanical energy, and then converting that mechanical energy into electrical energy, which in turn provides power to your home, your devices, and your appliances.

If you are interested in getting a generator to keep your lights on when the power goes down, you will want to find an electrical service that provides generator installation. It is important to choose a generator that will be able to provide enough power for all of your needs.

·    The average homeowner uses between 3000 and 6500 watts.

·    If hooked up to city water and you have a small furnace, a 3000-5000 watt generator should be sufficient for your home.

·    If your home has a well, along with a bigger furnace, you may need to purchase a 5000-6500 watt generator.

When you are ready to have your generator installed, commercial electrical services temecula ca professionals will be your best bet for assistance, as hooking up a generator to an electrical system is not a job for just anyone.

Having a generator will keep your lights on when there is a power outage or a major storm, allowing you to continue to stay connected, view the news, keep your food cold, and more. You never think about how precious your power is until it goes down, and having a backup source of power with your generator will prove to be invaluable in the event that the main power goes out.