Tips For Keeping Your Floors Looking Brand New

Our homes and offices all have floors.  They are what keeps everything together and are used as the primary surface in homes and other buildings.  When we first install flooring, it looks fresh and brand new.  When we walk in we are excited to be in the room and are energized to get work done.  However, over time, our floors will become dull and used.  To help revitalize our floors, hardwood floor stripping cedar rapids ia may be an option to bring them back to life.

Sweep and mop

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The first line of defense is to keep our floors swept and mopped.  As we enter a room, we tend to take in outside contaminants such as dirt, debris and other objects that will collect on our floors.  When this happens, we first want to sweep up all of these foreign particles using a broom.  Once swept up into a pile we discard them into the trash.  From there you want to mop the floor. Mopping the floor involves using soap and water to break up any dirt and stains that remained from the floor.  Once these particles are picked up, your floor will be clean.

Careful with furniture

You need to be careful with your furniture.  If you move furniture around, make sure to pick it up totally off of the floor.  Don’t try to push it across the floor.  If you do this then you increase the likelihood of scratching or damaging the floor.

When using office chairs, make sure to use a mat or other barrier between the wheels of the chair and the floor.  This will help to secure a space that won’t affect the floor.  Small steps like these will help ensure that your floor is looking nice and preteen.

Set a schedule

Finally, set a schedule to complete these tasks.  When you have a schedule, you can keep up with your cleaning tasks and it will also help maintain the overall look and feel of your floors.

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